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  • Conor J Kelly .......... by appointment
  • Conor J Kelly .......... by appointment
  • Conor J Kelly .......... by appointment

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Getting past Blue Monday

Week three of January (which begins with the appropriately named ‘Blue Monday’) is apparently the time when most people fall off the ‘new year, new me’ resolutions wagon.  If you’ve been struggling (and... READ MORE

Your Hair is my Canvas

“A brilliant cut makes the hair look great, but add colour and the result is amazing”   Anthony Mascolo Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned regular, here are some tips to follow... READ MORE

Back to School Hair Tips

As the end of the summer approaches and with it the prospect of the daily ‘school run’, I thought you might like some ‘back to school’ hair care tips for the kids……anything to... READ MORE

Summer Hair Care

The sun can damage your hair just as it does your skin.  If you add salt water and chlorine to the equation, hair that started out as shiny and easy to manage at... READ MORE

How long will it take?

Those of you who visit regularly know that it’s important to me that you have a relaxing session and leave feeling pampered.  However, I also know that you have busy lives and often... READ MORE

Tips for Men

Get your hair cut regularly. Good stylists will keep up to date with fashions, trends and products and can offer hair care that makes the most of what you have. Use a shampoo... READ MORE